Once the project has reached practical completion, a walk-through of the site is complete. This is the opportunity to address concerns regarding any of the finishes of the project. Any action items and time frames will be agreed upon. If the project is a new build, you will also be shown the features of your home and you will have the appliance warranties presented to you. It is now your responsibility to organise any additional home and contents insurance you may need.

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  • Hampton’s Style Queenslander Renovation
    Hampton’s Style Queenslander Renovation
  • $45K for First Home Owners
    $45K for First Home Owners
    More grants are available to North Queenslanders with the release of the Regional Home Builder package. An extra $5,000 is available when purchasing or building your home. Find out more at maxa.com.au
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    $25k HomeBuilder Grant Information
    You may have heard quite a bit about the new HomeBuilder Grants recently.  These grants are intended to stimulate the Construction Industry on the back of the Covid-19 pandemic. In a nutshell, here's what the HomeBuilder Grant means to you if you're thinking of building a new home or renovating your home.