For a new build, renovation or extension project to run smoothly, a detailed process and clear communication make all the difference.

Having done it for so long, some builders forget how stressful the process of construction can be,
especially, if it’s your first major home project. They often expect you to just ‘trust them’ with the biggest financial asset you own.

At Maxa Constructions, we don’t forget.

Built into the Maxa building process is keeping in contact with you, as often (or as little) as you require, using your preferred method. From the outset, we establish communication channels so we can deliver on our promise to keep your project as stress-free as possible. We keep you informed each step of the way, so you know your build is in safe hands. And in doing so, we develop the trust needed for you to feel comfortable with us to deliver your dream home.

Here’s how the Maxa building process works, from your very first phone call:


Call our Office

Before we book a consultation time, we’ll ask you a few questions as part of the discover call. It’s an opportunity, before we take up any of your time with a home visit, that we’re actually a good match for your project. Initial questions will include:

  • What type of project you’re looking at – custom design, new build, renovation or extension
  • A rough estimate as to your budget
  • Your timeframe you have in mind and if there’s anything we’re working to or around
  • Any previous experience you’ve had with building/construction

We’ll talk you through the following stages of the process and you’ll have a pretty good idea if we’re a good fit for each other.


At a time suitable for you, we’ll get together to talk in greater detail about what you want from your building project. We’ll ask you lots of questions about your current lifestyle and future plans. We’ll ask you about your dream home, or get you to show us around your current one. We’ll talk about what currently works for you and what you really don’t want to see ever again. We’ll show you some plans that might work and leave you with some ideas to think about.

Working Drawings

Once you’ve had some time to understand what you want, it’s time to get it down on paper. The concept design stage produces working drawings that allow for tradesman to quote on the various aspects of your home so you get the current and best possible price. At this stage, soil testing and engineering reports need to be commissioned, so a preliminary agreement is required to continue. Once the working drawings are complete, we’ll present them to you for you to review and provide input and comment.

Specifications & Preliminary Agreement

Your building project now moves from quotes based on the working drawings, to finalising a fixed price and producing the plans for construction. You’ll work through the colours and finishes for your project. We’ll guide you through this process, liaising with local suppliers, obtaining samples and swatches. It’s important that you’re happy with the decisions you make, as changing them after construction has started can delay trades and therefore the completion time.

At this stage, you will need to make sure your finances are sorted with the bank – either an approval to commence construction if you are taking out a loan, or setting a security account if you are paying by cash.We’ll talk you through the following stages of the process and you’ll have a pretty good idea if we’re a good fit for each other.

Contract Signing

A firm price for your new home or renovation is now presented based on the working drawings and your specifications. You will now be asked to sign a Master Builder’s Contract. This is the legal agreement as to how the project will be delivered. Along with the Conditions of Contract (the terms under which your project will be built), there will be Schedules that include:

  • Contract price
  • Contract timeline detailing start/completion dates and key project milestones
  • Supporting documentation
  • Payment schedule
  • Detailed specifications for selections, including
    fixtures and fittings etc.

After signing the contract, any changes to the design or specifications will be considered a variation to the works, and may incur additional costs.


Once the contract has been signed, Maxa Constructions now proceeds to obtain Council approvals, building approvals and all necessary insurance and levies required to commence building. Construction will begin 14 days from receiving Council approvals. If you are building project is a new build, you will be invited to make site visits to check on the progress of your new home. It’s important you don’t enter the site without a Maxa representative as required by Health and Safety Regulations. If your project is a renovation or extension, a pre-start meeting will be held on site to discuss any special needs or additional requirements you may have. These may include:

  • Access and delivery restrictions
  • Go/No Go Zones in the house
  • Noise restrictions
  • Parking areas/zones

Throughout your new build or renovation, you will be kept updated each week on the progress of your project. This is an opportunity to discuss any queries you may have or alleviate any concerns. We’re here to help and happy to listen.



Once the project has reached practical completion, a walk-through of the site is complete. This is the opportunity to address concerns regarding any of the finishes of the project. Any action items and time frames will be agreed upon. If the project is a new build, you will also be shown the features of your home and you will have the appliance warranties presented to you. It is now your responsibility to organise any additional home and contents insurance you may need.