Deciding to renovate or extend the family home isn’t a decision made lightly. Often it comes from a place of necessity.

You don’t want to move because you love the house you’re in, but you really need a dedicated playroom for the kids, or an adult retreat to unwind and relax.  Maybe hosting the whole family for special occasions just isn’t possible at the moment, so you want an updated decking and entertaining area that allows everyone to come together to create wonderful memories.  Whatever the reason for undergoing home renovations or extensions, Maxa Constructions can design the solution that works with what you have, to create what you need.

Extend your home. Extend your lifestyle.

When you’re bursting at the seams, there is another option to moving house. Once predominantly back of house additions, savvy home owners and investors are looking at extension possibilities in all directions, up, out and even under. A good extension provides a seamless integration into the main structure of the home and clever design will ensure no eye-jarring tie-ins, even when the main home is of a different era.

Renovating & extending your home with a specialist builder means you get to:

  • Keep what you like about your home and change what you don’t
  • Stage the work so large projects can be scheduled to suit your timetable
  • Stay in your suburb and community where you feel comfortable
  • Increase the value of your largest asset of the home and clever design will ensure no eye-jarring tie-ins, even when the main home is of a different era.


Renovate to create the home you’ve dreamed about.

You don’t want a bigger home. You like your house the size it is. You love the location. But…

You do want to change the way your home looks and feels, especially as it’s looking a little tired or the space isn’t quite working for you anymore. By renovating, you’ll be transforming your home within it’s existing footprint. Maxa Construction can help with:

  • Removing walls to kitchen, living and dining areas to create an open plan area for better use
  • Combining a kitchen renovation with an outdoor extension to create a seamless, multi-purpose area to use all year round
  • Redesigning main thoroughfares and high use rooms for better flow, usage and storage
  • Reconfiguring bathrooms for better usage including more storage space or natural light, separating or adding utilities, and making sure there’s no conflict when opening doors

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Planning your Renovation & Extension

If this is your first renovation project, you might feel a bit lost & overwhelmed in the beginning.

There are some essential things you’ll need to think about when planning your home renovation.

  • Your Budget.  Deciding how much you want to spend is essential.  Even if you’re unsure what a renovation will cost, set the limit you want to spend.
  • Ideas & Design.  Write your wish list for your home.  You might want to extend the living area, add a new bathroom or simply refurbish the existing home layout.
  • Consultation.  This is where we turn your ideas into a plan.  We’ll bring our 20 years of renovation & building knowledge to you and discuss the best way to achieve your renovation & extension.  We’ll add to your ideas and guide you on the technical aspects of the renovation.
  • Plans. A great renovation starts with great planning.  Plans drawn by a qualified Draftperson, Designer or Architect are the foundations of your renovations.  You’ll need to submit plans to Council, so making sure they have all the information you need is essential. Working closely with your builder during the design process ensures your plans stay within your renovation budget. At Maxa, we can design and draft the plans for your next home renovation & extension.
  • Finishes. Choosing your fixtures & fittings is the fun part and at Maxa, we have an in-house Interior Design service to help you through this process.
  • Quotes. As mentioned, detailed building plans are an asset to any renovation. The greater the detail, the easier to compare quotes from tradespeople.
  • Start your Reno.