ONE 247

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ONE 247

221.23 m2 | Priced from $273,500 on your land

  • Living Area: 169.80 m2
  • Porch: 3.59 m2
  • Garage: 38.60 m2
  • Store: 9.25 m2
  • Verandah: 10.45 m2
  • Alfresco: 20.00 m2

With 247m2 under room, this large family home has all the features. Designed for busy families, the home boasts 4 bedrooms and a separate lounge/media room & an additional IT space. The walk in pantry leads directly to the garage for convenience and an extra space has been added to the garage for storage. The central location of the kitchen, dining, living & alfresco makes it the centre of the home.

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