ONE 246

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ONE 246

221.23 m2 | Priced from $273,000 on your land

  • Living Area: 172.18 m2
  • Garage: 38.60 m2
  • Porch: 3.39 m2
  • Alfresco: 16.72 m2
  • Verandah: 6.39 m2
  • Store: 9.25 m2

The kitchen is the heart of the home and in this home has been designed with that theme in mind. The kitchen, living, dining & alfresc form the centerpoint of this home. It’s complimented with a separate lounge/media room and 4 bedrooms. The addition of a storage area in the garage is a great space for bikes & a workbench. The front verandah and porch will provide shade – a bonus for a home with a western aspect.

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