Investment Property in Edge Hill

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This Maxa designed home was built with the investor in mind after the owners lost the original cottage in a fire.  The new home was designed around the existing swimming pool, which had survived the fire.

This home features a large living area which opens up onto the rear patio with stacking sliding doors. The stacking doors are full height, which means they extend to the ceiling, allowing more natural light into the living areas.

As a low maintenance option, polished concrete floors are featured throughout the house which has 3 bedrooms and a media room.  The media room can also be converted to a guest bedroom as it can be closed off from the living areas with stacking doors,

In keeping with the charector homes in Edge Hill, the exterior was clad in weatherboards.

Project Details

Buider: Maxa Constructions

Designer:  Maxa Constructions – Drafted by Driscoll Carvey

Build Cost:  $250,000

Build Time: 20 Weeks

Features – 3 Bedrooms + Media Room + Polished Concrete Floors

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