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Without a doubt, this project is one of our favourites.  The client’s came to us with the idea of building a shed and using an old bridge that they had been given.  The result is a low maintenance, sustainable home that has as much charector as it’s owners.

During construction showing timber and steel frame home in Kuranda

Custom Design

The construction of this home was a work of craftsmanship.  The inclusion of recycled timber pylons from the local Walsh River Bridge became the design feature.

This beautifully aged, rustic timber were joined by new ‘aged’ iron to create roof beams, trusses and fascias.  Where possible, the original bridge bolts were extracted and reused.

Sustainable Design

This home was awarded QLD Sustainable House of the Year by Qld Master Builders.  The features contributing to the award included

  • 10 Star Energy Rating
  • The use of recycled products
  • Accessibility to showers, corridors etc which won’t need upgrading as the owners age
  • A north facing aspect to to minimise heat from the east & west
  • High rated insulation to the roof and walls to minimise heat throughout the home
  • Inclusion or rainwater tanks & low water efficient taps, showers & toilets
  • The inclusion of energy efficient appliances
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